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At Kennedy Dental, our family has been practicing dentistry since Calvin Coolidge was president. Now, that's dedication to our patients and their families. Trust our team to show you the best methods to preserving your teeth for a lifetime. New patients are always welcome!


Insurance and financing options are available. Ask our team members for information today!

Recent innovations have allowed Kennedy Dental to offer you services that will improve the health of your teeth without invasive procedures.


For over 85 years, our team has offered your family ongoing care for all dental needs.  

Take advantage of our technology

- Fillings

- Tooth extractions

- Bonding treatments

- Caps and crowns

- Bridges and root canals

- Gum-disease treatments

- Cleaning and X-rays

Our services include:

The entire family is welcome at Kennedy Dental. Our team will start with a comprehensive set of services that will show you how to get a beautiful smile to keep your teeth healthy.  

General dentistry with a focus on longevity

Effective dentistry from a well-known team